Mindfleck's Specialized Corporate Branding Services for Pharmaceutical Company

Intralife was in quest for an Advertising & Branding Agency that provides all the required access to attain the optimum results. As we were looking for a company who can adopt finest trend design techniques and  latest creative services, It was quite challenging for us in the beginning to find an Advertising firm, which weaves the entire services altogether. After persistent effort, we found an Ad Agency that knits all its services under one roof. After thorough scrutiny, we were recommended by a close friend to work with Mindfleck Pvt. Ltd., which has the reputation of consistently delivering results of perfection and mind's eye.  We were told that their inventiveness is unmatched. Hence, we decided to work through committed help of Mindfleck.

Adhering to our stipulation they designed & developed the best quality prescription pads, product catalog, Company product list and other vast promotional inputs and activities, with clear bespoke design using the most creative approach. The best part about working with Mindfleck is that they indulged in active participation with us, so they changed & revised till we felt the design came to the trend & suited the brand. The designers in Mindfleck like to work till they can deliver best; they worked patiently with us till our approval. They also used effective communication design to produce finest quality Book’s cover design, Reminder cards and Newsletters that are well-made and eye-catching. The professional books cover design has been developed exclusively with a combination of visual creativeness and technical know-how for which we could create the finest Pharmaceutical Magazines & product catalog.  Apart from these we were also looking for video production & product photograph and they offered us outstanding technique covering every facet of the ever-evolving and diverse production process. The Professional Video Maker & photographer created classy, elegant & unique product photos & videos with qualitative copyright music, they used eloquent Corporate Video Production Services. The product introduction ideas in Mindfleck are done very precisely adopting all the right techniques of using operative product launch ideas. 

We were appealed by their strategy as they went on detail to provide us with the finest Visual Aid which is very crucial for us to start pharma marketing Sample Catch Covers to efficiently scrutinize the quality of healthcare products. They also provided Product Glossary and Cards which contains list and details of all available products along with this we were provided Reminder Cards and Leaf behind Cards, Writing Pads, Diaries and Calendars, Banners, Danglers and Posters ,Pen, Key chains and Accessories, Bags, T-Shirts and other promotion materials. We were also very impressed by the brilliant SEO expertise of Mindfleck for conducting periodic website, audits monitor search engine ranks for business relevant keywords and perform on-page, off-page & technical optimization to surge organic traffic.

As a client, we were really appalled by their services as they helped us create high-definition excellent pharmaceutical products. From my experience we learnt that Mindfleck is among one of the best Brand Management Company in India. We were pleased by their style of work, because they complete their task in a synchronized way and resiliency from the very beginning till the completion of task allotted to them. We would further like to associate with Mindfleck for all our branding strategy requirements. The experience as a whole was enriching and that undoubtedly makes Mindfleck one of the Best Branding firm in India, for they efficiently work in a synchronized environment  to market brands as per our demand and need with the objective to accomplish the task in harmony to acquire the superior outcome.

Articulated By,
Team Intralife